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We know

how to build community

in WEB3

Our vision

A2 Finance solves the familiar problem of retaining and creating a healthy community around the project.
To do this, we use the best tools:

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Why is the community significant
for any project?

98% of those projects on the cryptocurrency market, which have become highly successful, had well-developed community. We take on this largest and most important layer of work. We will take your project to the next level of recognisability step by step.

We build marketing with GOAT’s

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Investment fund dedicated to supporting blockchain projects in the WEB 3.0 space.

hK_q4SUu_400x400 1.png

Analytical media focused on promising blockchain startups, global news in the crypto space, and altcoin analytics.

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Team invests our time and resources in crypto startups in order to deliver the web3 revolution to the masses.

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Media channel focused on Altcoins News & Research.

dzo2qscxwhykwbprq8id 1.png

Top 7 ICO is a global social media, sharing major crypto news and analytics since 2017.

Our services

We take on projects at any stage of development.
We can build all marketing in your project from scratch or improve existing ones.

  • developing and engaging the community

  • organizing the Ambassador program

  • holding contests, quizzes and giveaways

Interaction with the community

Professional Management

  • experienced community managers

  • deep community analysis

  • ongoing support

  • building local communities

Building and implementing
the strategy

  • strategy for developing and engaging the community

  • promotion strategy

  • marketing strategy


  • Cointelegraph, and many others Press Releases

  • SEO analysis and optimisation

  • guerilla marketing

Content Creation

  • content plan

  • post design

  • article writing

  • posters and infographics

Social media design

  • Discord

  • Telegram

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

Increasing legitimacy

  • 500+ KOLs & Media outlets

  • building partnerships

  • partnerships based on the Ambassador Program

feel disoriented?

Why us?

We work with your goals,
not your objectives.

We solve all the problems and the headache of projects on the part of interaction with the community. You get a complete package of services, which would have cost you many times more due to lack of experience and incomplete understanding of the business. We analyze each client in great depth, and design a development strategy individually, taking into account all the smallest details.

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We have been on both sides, and contributed to the community in a large number of projects.

positive-thinking 1.png

We know how important that the project and its team was a loyal and positive attitude towards its community.


Our team has been in the market since 2020

Getting Started

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The information
we will need

Brandbook (if available)

Release shedules (if available)

Available content guidelines

Full roadmap with all project activities (partnerships, news, announcements and so)

Community guidlines (if available)

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The Preparation Stage

(takes a couple of weeks)

1. In-depth project reserch
2. Frequent calls with the project team to fully understand your vision
3. SEO analysis
4. Building and presenting several strategy options
4. Creating a roadmap of all activities
5. Designing Discord, Twitter and Telegram.

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1. Warming up the audience
2. Launching activities
3. Weekly reports and calls with the team
4. Building and maintaining local communities.
5. Building partnerships with KOL's.


Do you develop the project from scratch?

Dveloping from scratch? - yes. If there is no brandbook or content plan - we are here to help.

At what stage of the project is it better to order your services?

The earlier - the better. But we can be integrated in you project on any stage and help with what's the most important right now.

Do you work with projects that have already launched marketing and community campaigns?

Yes. Even an existing community sometimes feels lack of corporate activity.

Do you have a basic package of services mandatory to buy?

There is no mandatory services you have to buy. Chose only those options you need.

Do you do crisis community management?

Yes. We have various methods to regulate your relations with the community.

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